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Inspiration for the Essay Topic

For our Research Camp, we have put together several ideas that might be worth finding out more about and perhaps writing an essay on. If you haven’t come up with a suitable idea yet, please take a look at this document.

Quotation game: Who said what and when?

The perception of women has changed over the last few centuries – or so you might think. In this game, that we created for the Research Camp, you have 10 quotes that deal with the role of women. From Adolf Hitler to Simone de Beauvoir and Yoko Ono – can you find out who said what and when?

Social-Media-Campaign: „Do you know this woman?“

Irena Bernášková (* 7 February 1904 in Prague; † 26 August 1942 in Berlin-Plötzensee) was a Czech resistance fighter who fought for the regaining of the independence of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia and the entire occupied Czechoslovak territory from the German National Socialist.

Rózia Robota (*1921 in Ciechanów; † 6 January 1945 in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp) showed courage against National Socialism in Auschwitz-Birkenau and was consequently punished. Nevertheless, she always remained silent about the resistance movement.

Maria Grollmuß (* 24 April 1896 in Leipzig; † 6 August 1944 in Ravensbrück) was a German Catholic Sorbian publicist and socialist resistance fighter against the Nazi regime. She worked illegally in a resistance group and helped to distribute pamphlets, rescue persecuted people and took part in secret political meetings.